15.6.16 |       WELLBEING |       2 MIN READ

Your Winter Workwear Responsibilities

Buying winter workwear for your staff solves their need for warmth and dryness, and your responsibility to keep them safe, looking professional and staying productive as the weather cools.

22.6.16 |       WELLBEING |       3.5 MIN READ

The Argument for Free Coffee in the Workplace is Strong

Having good coffee available at work results in happier, more productive workers. The science is in and work-supplied coffee has been justified by its many benefits to the workplace.

8.6.16 |       WELLBEING |       2 MIN READ

12 Reasons You Need To Buy Workwear For Your Business

By purchasing workwear for your business you can make sure that your staff are dressed appropriately and you can enhance the profitability of your business.

4.5.16 |       WELLBEING |       3 MIN READ

A Breath of Fresh (Office) Air Doubles Brain Function

Experts have shown that improving your office air quality will increase brain function, reduce multiple workplace health problems and boost productivity.

20.4.16 |       WELLBEING |       3 MIN READ

Your Workplace’s Dirty Little Secret

Poor office hygiene means that the dirtiest parts of your office are lurking right beneath your nose and may be causing you to get sick.

2.3.16 |       WELLBEING |       3 MIN READ

Why Office Dogs are Great for a Happy Workplace

Dog owners know the joy of coming home to that happy, hairy best friend or fur-baby. What if that happiness could be found at work every day?

17.1.16 |       WELLBEING |       2 MIN READ

Ergonomics: A Paleo Makeover for Your Office Will Improve Your Life

Why ergonomics is important to the workplace and beyond.

3.2.16 |       WELLBEING |       5 MIN READ

Top 10 Things You Need to Know When Buying an Office Chair

Take the pain out of choosing office chairs.

20.1.16 |       WELLBEING |       3 MIN READ

Take a Stand for Office Health

Did you know that health experts now recommend standing up to work rather than sitting down? It sounds a bit kooky but when you consider you’ll burn 480 calories a day without so much as a diet shake, it’s not nearly as silly as it sounds.